Traces Berbères Voyages

« Traces Berbères Voyages » was founded in 2007 and having achieved high standards of development in the tourisme industry, can truly be described as one of the leading travel agencies in Marrakech. Our vision by maintaining the excellent level of the company’s human capital, by investing in new products and services, we aim towards the maximum level of satisfaction of our corporate clients, of our staff and of our shareholders as well.

Our departments organize travel tours, excursions, transfers and touristic activities. In addition to that, we organize international and national conferences and meetings which is our major indeed.

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Actually, we have different and new visions on the field. Our priority is the satisfaction of our clients. As well as, we provide very competitive and reasonable prices concerning logistics and accommodations. We are also very well referenced on other websites proposing products similar to yours (get your guide…). We assure excursions, tours, visit every day in many languages (English and Frensh, German, Spanish…), to have an idea about our daily activities, please visit one of our website:
www.traces –

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are in need of information or you have questions… we are at your disposal to take care of all your reservations and transfers in Marrakech and elsewhere, before, during and after cop22